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Squirrels collect nuts and we collect cards. The best and the rarest ones there are in fact. Rally Squirrel Cards is your one stop shop when it comes to collectible cards.

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At Rally Squirrel Cards and Collectibles we aim to be the most trusted collector marketplace out there. We’ve got everything from Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Baseball and NFL cards to even hard to find Pokémon and Yougioh ones. We offer a wide range of high quality gaming, sports and non-sports cards. You can also find a large variety of autographed memorabilia, sports novelty items, and other fan merchandise in our online catalogue.

The Story of Rally Squirrel Cards and Collectibles started back when my son was 10. Even at that age he just couldn’t keep his hands off collector sports cards and I knew that he wanted to have a genuine collection one day. Now more than a decade later he opened a store in Mint Hill, NC to bring that dream to life. Running a business and juggling finances hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park but he was dedicated to giving it his all. Why? So other 10-year-olds can live their dreams too. So other collectible lovers can enjoy their hobby and have fun too. The nostalgia that being a collector brings is unmatched and Rally Squirrel Cards and Collectibles is here to make sure everyone gets to experience it.

To make your journey as a collector even more memorable Rally Squirrel Cards and Collectibles is also planning to launch trade nights, card breaks and gaming nights soon.

Rally Squirrel Cards and Collectibles is the dream destination of any collector. Genuine collector grade memorabilia now at your fingertips. Find the product of your choice by scrolling through our rich variety of collector cards, autographed items, original sports goods and fan merchandise. Rally Squirrel Cards and Collectibles combines the nostalgic love of card collecting with the ease of online shopping to bring you an unparalleled experience. We offer authentic, high quality collectibles for fans everywhere. Want a signed jersey from your favorite baseball player? We got it. Looking for that rare Pokémon card? Well guess what? We have that too. At Rally Squirrel Cards and Collectibles we’re committed to making your experience as a collector as seamless and easy as possible.

One of the biggest problems collectors face is finding a trustworthy and reliable source of collectibles. Hours of searching can often result in you not finding anything worthwhile and we get it, it’s frustrating. Rally Squirrel Cards and Collectibles was created to solve just this problem. Authentic products are hard to come across right? Well we’ve got a curated selection for you. All of our products are 100% original plus the quality is unmatched. Even better is the ease of use we offer at Rally Squirrel Cards and Collectibles. Simply search or scroll for the product of your choice and click buy. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Born out of a need for a secure and reliable place to get collectibles, Rally Squirrel Cards and Collectibles makes buying that collector’s item you always wanted easy as pie. Getting a signed shirt from your NBA idol has never been easier. Simply scroll, pick and buy. It’s that simple.
Our dedication to the quality of our service is what sets us apart from the rest of the competition. At Rally Squirrel Cards and Collectibles customer satisfaction is what comes first.
Rally to Rally Squirrel Cards and Collectibles and say goodbye to shady collectible dealers. Buy authentic and high quality cards, original signed merchandise and top of the line sports goods.
Being a collector has never been easier.

Quality Over Quantity

Why we are different


No compromise on quality

At Rally Squirrel Cards and Collectible you’re guaranteed to get the best quality products for your money every time. Everything we sell has been double and triple checked to make sure only the best possible quality products reach your doorstep

Wide Range of Products

When looking for products to sell to our valued customers we believe in going above and beyond. Our rich variety of products ranges from sports cards, pokemon and yugioh cards. Anything you need, we got it.

Dedication to customer satisfaction

If there’s one thing we don’t compromise on its customer satisfaction. At Rally Squirrel and Collectibles we go beyond just good customer care. Our best isn’t just limited to the products we offer, At Rally Squirrel and Collectible you’ll get some of the best customer care you’ve ever come across.